Bear with me as I'm just learning how to do this. I will have lots of interesting things here soon, hopefully! I've loaded some nice clips of the Desert, from a movie "Spring Comes to the Harcuvars", an Indian name meaning "Water, there is very little". I do hope to inform you of what to expect if you should ever visit the desert. Also you will be able to see what an enchanted place the desert really is.

You will be able to learn a lot and also get to know the artistic talents I possess thru some others pages I will be adding later. Come back soon and see what you may find...

Enjoy your visit.

Here's a few great ones to start with...

Desert Enchantment
Clips from the Desert
Desert Photos
? your Suprise
Natures Seasons
Nature Clips
a "Treasure Chest full of Jewels" sort thru carefully, ya never know what you may find!

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